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Welcome to the technical wiki dedicated to KalliopePBX users and partners.

Some contents of this wiki are public while others marked by the Lucchetto.png icon are restricted to registered KalliopePBX partners.


20/11/2018 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.7.2 Technology Release, which introduces application rebranding support (for KCTI Desktop and KCTI Mobile) and extends the list of REST APIs available on KalliopePBX (changelog)
02/11/2018 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.6.1 Maintenance Release, which fixes some bugs present in version 4.6.0 (changelog)
26/10/2018 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.7.0 Technology Release, which introduces the genaration of events to send notifications (user creation, changes to a password, missed calls to extensions, etc.) and updates the Asterisk engine to the latest version, Certified Asterisk 13 (changelog)
24/09/2018 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.6.0 Maintenance Release, current stable, which introduces all features included in 4.5.x versions, adds Xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk integration (used to interface with Estos ProCall), and extends the Kalliope SNMP subagent (changelog)
02/08/2018 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.5.17 Technology Release, which introduces the Blacklist service on inbound lines, the potion to encode call recording files, the automatic erasure of CDR records older than 24 months, and new REST APIs to automatically access voicemail box messages and recordings (changelog)
16/07/2018 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.5.15 Technology Release, which optimizes Kalliope mobile app support, fixes some bugs found on previous versions, and adds to the Dynamic Routing service the option to play customizable DTMF sequences (changelog)

KalliopePBX v4

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