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Welcome to the technical wiki dedicated to KalliopePBX users and partners.

Some contents of this wiki are public while others marked by the Lucchetto.png icon are restricted to registered KalliopePBX partners.


02/12/2019 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.8.0 Maintenance Release; KCTI mobile app: distributes the updated certificates for the Apple PushKit service; KCTI Pro: adds the option to remote control terminals with IP and port configuration during provisioning, even if the PBX and the phone are on different networks. (changelog)
29/10/2019 : KalliopePBX rev. 4.7.17 Technology Release is now available to the public; this is a bug present in versions 4.7.15 and 4.7.16 that caused scheduled jobs for evaluating accessibility statistics (Call Center module) to fail. The script failing caused a log to grow indefinitely, eventually fully occupying the file system. (changelog)
05/10/2019 : KalliopePBX rev. 4.7.16 Technology Release is now available to the public; this release adds a REST API for exporting the DR in "blues" format containing outgoing, local, and incoming calls, which can be filtered by category. (changelog)
26/07/2019 : KalliopePBX rev. 4.7.15 Technology Release is now available to the public; this release completes Kalliope Android and iOS mobile app support, allowing calls to be received even in deep sleep mode. (changelog)
06/06/2019 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.7.12 Technology Release, which introduces the new Dial-in/Dial-out Audio Conference service and fixes some bugs present in version 4.7.9 (changelog)
14/03/2019 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.7.9 Technology Release, which extends the phonebook management and fixes some bugs present in version 4.7.8 (changelog)
25/02/2019 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.7.8 Technology Release, which adds FAX2Mail and Mail2FAX features as well as a new widget to the dashboard that lets users configure the function keys of their phone. This release also fixes some bugs present in version 4.7.4 (changelog)
16/01/2019 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.6.2 Maintenance Release, which fixes some bugs present in version 4.6.1 (changelog)
21/12/2018 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.7.4 Technology Release, which extends Call Center operator statistics and fixes some bugs present in version 4.7.3 (changelog)
11/12/2018 : new KalliopePBX rev. 4.7.3 Technology Release, which introduces integrated FAX module support and fixes some bugs present in version 4.7.2 (changelog)

KalliopePBX v4

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