New features


Added a PBX operating mode that allows certain types of calls to be enabled or disabled. Three operating modes are currently available: full, block outbound calls except for whitelisted numbers, disabled (no outbound calls allowed). In multi-tenant systems this can be set for each tenant.

Added a Call Admission Control function that allows the maximum number of calls that can be made from a branch to be set.

Added an option to force the failover action for a queue when all operators are busy.


When editing a device/account link, the check-sync NOTIFY SIP message is automatically sent to force the configuration to reload.




Fixed a bug that prevented switches from being deleted or disabled within a time check

Added validation of forms with failover actions towards unselected entities (e.g. groups or queues)

Added an indication when audio files containing spaces fail to save

Fixed the display of account limits in the Applications -> Hot Desking panel


Fixed a bug that prevented the correct functioning of the CDR REST APIs

Fixed a bug that caused only calls displayed on the GUI to be exported

Fixed a bug that caused transferred calls not to be included in reports generated by the Call Center CDR