New features


Added support for licenses for rebranding the web interface


Added "in conversation" to the reasons for operator unavailability when determining the immediate failover action when placing a new call in a queue


Added multi-account device management (e.g. DECT, IP Channelbank, M-ATA systems)

Added function key (BLF) configuration panel for each extension and provisioning for each on all accounts linked to the SIP accounts of the extension

Added SNOM D745 to the list of integrated provisioning devices

Added the attribute "number of function keys" to provisioning device models

Hot desking

Added the ability to log into a hot desking terminal on which another extension is already logged in without having to log out first (implicit logout)

Hot desking accounts are now displayed in the SIP account list




Fixed the way assigning a user to an extension after its creation is handled, which previously caused the personal phonebook not to be displayed

Fixed a bug that caused outbound calls to be refused when one of the lines associated to the trunk or termination domain were configured with a concurrency limit of 0 (unlimited)

Fixed the handling of SIP account names that contain the "-" character

Fixed a bug that under certain conditions caused a 500 error when viewing a SIP account template

Fixed an issue with the validation of trunk edit forms that made it impossible to define remote extensions

Fixed an issue with mass importing extensions that caused voicemail box creation to fail

Fixed an issue with the handling of B/S filters for call transfers to a boss on the part of an entity of a different group where the active filter was erroneously bypassed

Fixed an error that prevented outbound calls from being forwarded to the backup line when the max concurrency number of the main line of a routing rule was reached

Fixed a bug that caused the erroneous generation of the links within the hot desking device page

Fixed a slowdown during the "apply" operation after editing a configuration when there was a high number of call recordings contained in the network folders

Fixed a 500 error when viewing the event record

Fixed the rotation of the provisioning request record

Fixed the validation of the external API form, which prevented placeholders from being used in the GETs

Fixed an issue where creating a backup with the same name as an existing one caused the old one to be overwritten and therefore lost

Fixed a bug that prevented the functioning of call limits set on a trunk for inbound calls

Fixed a bug that under certain conditions caused the erroneous generation of inbound routing rules to domains and gateways (DID)

Fixed the handling of edits to remote extension configurations, which previously caused a 500 error

Fixed the handling of audio files with names that contain spaces

Fixed the validation of failover action forms in cases of failed selection of destination entity

Fixed a bug that prevented switches from being deleted or disabled from the time check configuration


Fixed a typo that prevented the correct functioning of the "fewestcalls" ring strategy

CTI server

Several optimizations and minor fixes to improve performance and interoperability with previous versions of the desktop and mobile clients


Fixed a bug that caused concurrency limits not to be respected for outbound calls from an assigned line of a tenant

Fixed the counting of outbound calls from tenants that were previously counted twice when determining CAC admissibility

4SP module

Fixed the handling of 4SP license activation on PBXs with a previous expired multi-tenant license

Hot desking

Added a way to handle cases where the login state of an extension and the provisioning state of the terminal are misaligned

Fixed a bug that caused a 500 error when accessing a hot desking panel when no SIP account was available

Fixed a bug that caused the failed deletion of hot desking accounts when deleting an extension with hot desking enabled

Fixed a bug that prevented the regeneration of provisioning files for hot desking accounts

Fixed the display of the available account limit in the hot desking device edit page


Added a way to handle cases where a user finds the configuration database locked while invoking APIs

Fixed an issue with restarting the Jabber server that prevented creation of new tenants via APIs


Restored the functionality of provisioning template reassignment to a set of devices

Fixed a bug that made it impossible in multi-tenant systems to access the edit panel of a provisioning device created by the pbxadmin if the linked SIP account was deleted by the tenant

Fixed check-sync NOTIFY message sending in multi-tenant systems

Fixed a bug that prevented accounts from being assigned when creating a provisioning device

KalliopePBX v3 backup importer

Fixed importing of personal contacts in the phonebook, which were previously inserted into the shared phonebook

Fixed extension configuration import to handle timeouts for each extension

Fixed a bug that caused the duplication of entries in imported personal phonebooks