New features


Added the option to create custom "Language Packs", replacing the integrated audio files of a certain language with audio files uploaded by the user


Added function key file generation for Avaya terminals

Added placeholders for time and date


Added APIs for managing roles and extension templates




Fixed an error that caused the removal of the privacy permissions of a user following edits to that user by the admin

Fixed an issue where the bypass flag of the D/C filter was not respected when a call from a secretary to a boss failed

Fixed an error that caused the audio message for the predefined failover action during the defined time span for a time check to play when a specific failover action for a certain span was defined with no associated audio message


Fixed a criticality that under certain conditions caused the CTI server to restart when sending a message to iOS clients

Fixed a malfunction of the mobile phone and SIP icons on the KalliopeCTI Mobile client

Restored the functionality of the click-to-call command towards mobile from the KalliopeCTI Mobile app


The name of the called extension is now displayed in the call detail section


Fixed a backward compatibility issue with tenant creation APIs

Updated the documentation of the provisioning device creation REST API to reflect the fact that the "priority" parameter for multi-account device management introduced in version 4.5.1 is required


Fixed the duplication check for accounts linked to a device when provisioned by the pbxadmin (in multi-tenant systems)

Adapted the model of the XLS file for mass importing provisioning devices to include the IPUI column

Fixed an inconsistency that prevented the functioning of provisioning though HTTP/HTTPS for PBXs on which firmware version 4.3.9 or later was directly installed (this bug was not present for PBXs that updated from firmware version 4.3.8 or earlier)