New features


Added the option to assign the execution of the first configuration wizard to Power User roles

Extended ACL functionality for SIP accounts, differentiating them by source IP and Contact and allowing the configuration of more than one subnet per each


Added Patton Smartnode SN4522/24/26/28 JS (multi-port ATA) and Gigaset Pro N720 multicell DECT system to built-in devices


Added APIs for editing service codes in the numbering plan


Added an option on tenant groups to automatically share custom and extension selections in the numbering plan of all tenants in the group (without requiring remote numbering ranges assigned to single tenants to be explicitly defined); introduced an inter-tenant duplication check for the selections in question to prevent the presence of the same selection on two different tenants in the same group




Fixed an issue where permissions assigned to a previously defined Power User role could not be edited

Fixed a bug that prevented playback of hold music for MeetMe rooms

Fixed a bug that under certain conditions caused an error when saving remote extensions in the configuration of a trunk


Fixed the registration of calling and called numbers for call transfers performed through the SIP REFER method

Fixed the registration of the outcome of a call forwarded to an outbound line in case of failure with CONGESTION as the cause

Fixed the registration of the outcome of a direct call to an extension that was redirected to a service


The IPUI column will now be displayed during the validation phase when mass importing provisioning devices


Fixed a bug that prevented KalliopeCTI from remote controlling supported phones for tenants other than the default