New features


Added a "Diagnostics" > "Active calls" panel with real-time active call display to the PBX, from which each call can be individually terminated

Replaced the External APIs application with its "Dynamic routing" extension, which allows calls to be managed both by invoking an external web service (such as the original application) and by matching the parameters on a XLS/CSV file uploaded to the PBX

Added to the "Dynamic Routing" service the option to forward a call to the selection of the numbering plan returned by a web service or retrieved from a local file


Added a /rest/tenantGroup/{tenantGroupName}/extension API to obtain the list of all extensions defined on the tenants in a tenant group

Added a /rest/extension/{exten}/services API to obtain the activation state of extension services




Fixed a bug that made it impossible to halt playback of an audio file of a paging group (in unattended mode with infinite repetitions) if the configuration of the PBX was edited between the starting call and the halt request

Restored the ability to define custom selections with a value that coincides with that of an extension within the tenant

Fixed an issue that caused an irreversible error when viewing the User management page when the number of defined users was greater than 1000

Fixed validation of forms in which forwards to an external number can be configured, as edits to the destination number that consisted of adding or removing the prefix 0 were not saved

Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of ACL rules in paging groups

Fixed a bug that caused an error to be generated when trying to delete ACL rules in paging groups

Fixed a bug that prevented the details of several entities from being displayed even when the role of the user included read permissions

Fixed the handling of visibility and permissions for Power Users (who can now assign to new users only the base tenant user role or their own)

Fixed Call Admission Control assessment, which previously prevented calls between extensions when only one call was available (and the exclusion of inter-office calls from the count)


Changed the CDR filtering logic to prevent the GUI from locking due to running out of system memory when the number of calls per month in the CDR exceeds a few tens of thousands

The string "xxx" is no longer displayed as the Caller name in the anonymized CDR


Fixed an issue where the outcome of the call was not revealed to the caller when using click-to-call from KalliopeCTI Free (or Pro without remote control) to a busy external number


Fixed a bug that prevented the provisioning file service through HTTP and HTTPS when version 4.3.9 or later was directly installed (not present when updating from previous versions)

Fixed the handling of edit permissions for provisioning entities (device, template) so that power users can edit those created by the admin and vice versa


Fixed a bug that allowed PBX firmware updates even when the HA service was active

Added synchronization of the PBX provisioning folder (in multi-tenant scenarios) and the provisioning request record


Fixed an issue with the duplication check of the account linked to a device when provisioning was performed by the pbxadmin

Fixed a bug that caused the paging service in unattended mode to fail to function for tenants other than the default