New features


Added two new widgets to the dashboard to view calls in progress in real time and with a graph, with customizable classification (direction and filter) and time span, which shows statistics on numbers of calls extracted from the CDR

Added a Closed Group service, which offers the option to restrict the ability to call specific extensions to a list of enabled extensions




Restored the ability to use the "apostrophe" character in the First Name and Last Name fields for extensions and made uniform the corresponding validation in mass import

Introduced ordering by type and name in the outbound line selection form

Introduced alphabetic order in the tenant selection form

The current firmware version can now be viewed within the "System state" widget in the dashboard

Changed the uniqueness check for SIP template names to be case-insensitive

Added instantaneous duration display in the active call visualization panel

Added a visual indicator of the execution of the CC report generation request

Changed the way call refusal is handled for non-authenticated calls originating from hosts not defined among the configured VoIP domains and gateways from dialplan level to SIP level

Teephone services

Changed the handling of the 480 response sent from telephones when DND service is enabled to execute the forward action for "not available" rather than "busy"


Extended MAC recognition from the URL of a request to use a regular expression and not only built-in filename formats

Added the option to configure a custom path on redirection servers

Added management of the "public" subfolder of its provisioning path with anonymous access (not authenticated) even when configuring provisioning access via client authentication through certificate


Changed the lock management so that the pbxadmin acquiring the lock does not automatically cause all admins of all tenants to lose the lock; it now only does so when changes are applied, and only for tenants involved in the changes made by the pbxadmin


Added HTTP caching support through "ETag/If-None-Match" and "If-Modified-Since" headers




Fixed a bug that caused the incorrect presentation of the calling number for attended transfers of outbound calls made by an extension

Restored the functionality of external API invocation in POST mode or the Basic type authentication

Fixed the handling of the "0" switch

Fixed a bug that prevented the correct handling of more than 128 tenants on a single node

Removed hot desking device accounts from the number of accounts that count towards the license limit

Fixed a bug that caused the addition of the outbound prefix to the calling number of inbound calls to persist, even eliminating it from the PBX or tenant settings

Fixed the display of custom logo (with a rebranding license) when accessing the web GUI through HTTPS protocol

Made uniform the Mime-Type validation when uploading audio files and hold music, which previously caused certain files to be incorrectly refused

Fixed a bug that generated an exception when accessing the wizard while an extension with no linked SIP account was present

Fixed a bug that caused the theme selected by rebranding license holders not to be maintained

Removed the audit log from the backup

Fixed the functionality of the "Enabled" filter and all filters operating by selection that executed a substring-type match instead of exact

Fixed a bug that caused manual time synchronization via NTP to fail when the current date was set later than the effective one

CTI Server and applications

Fixed the handling of SIP accounts that contain the "-" character in their username

Fixed the remote control of telephones via KalliopeCTI Pro for hot desking terminals

Fixed a bug that caused attended transfers from KalliopePhone to occasionally fail for extensions with more than one linked SIP account


Fixed a bug that prevented backup restoration APIs from functioning in singe-tenant scenarios

Fixed filename validation for backups uploaded via API to require the extension ".bak"

Made the output of CDR download APIs match the one obtained when exporting from the GUI


Fixed registration of the reason for a call to exit a queue in case of CCBS

Call Center module

Fixed filtering for tenants when generating Call Center CDR reports in multi-tenant scenarios

Fixed the counting of calls served by single operators in the CC report for calls picked up or served by dynamic operators

Fixed a bug that generated an exception when filtering by operator in the Call Center CDR

Fixed the calculation of average conversation time in the CC report

Differentiated the outcome of calls in the queue during closing time, which were previously marked as "Not served"

Fixed a bug that caused the outcome to be set to TIMEOUT instead of ANSWERED_ELSEWHERE in the operator detail after call pickup

Fixed the display of the extension in the "Operator extension" column, which previously showed the account name

Call recording

Fixed a bug in version 4.5.4 that prevented the normal saving of call recording files


Fixed the generation of the TFTP and HTTP/S provisioning path when importing a tenant

Changed the mechanism for sending check-sync NOTIFY messages to supported terminals (to force the download of provisioning files), which under certain deployment conditions were sometimes not sent

Fixed a bug that caused check-sync NOTIFY messages to supported terminals to sometimes not be sent to a terminal when the linked account had been edited

Fixed a bug that caused the failed functioning of provisioning file servicing through HTTP and HTTPS when installing firmware version 4.5.4 directly


Fixed "remote extension" type origin recognition inbound to a tenant in case of automatic sharing of extensions among tenants belonging to the same tenant group

Fixed a bug that caused the order of the inbound manipulation rules on the assigned lines of a tenant not to be saved

Fixed a bug that prevented the restoration of audio files in the backup when importing a tenant from a backup