New features

Penalties for queue operators. Starting from this release, penalties can be assigned to members of a queue. This parameter allows calls to be presented to an operator only if all other operators with fewer penalties are busy. A REST API for configuring penalties has been implemented.

"In progress" messages on IVR menus. This release introduces the option to play "in progress" audio files (before the call is actually answered). The maximum duration of these messages is usually shorter than one minute and depends on the phone line provider.

Generation of change of service state events. These events can be linked to notifications to receive alerts whenever individual services malfunction/reset.

Kalliope-Lift module. This module, available through a dedicated license, allows management of alert messages from ADEMCO dialers.

New built-in provisioning devices. The following devices have been added:
-AudioCodes 405HD,420HD,430HD,440HD,445HD,450HD
-Snom D712,D785,D120
-Gigaset Maxwell 2
-Yealink SIP-T52S,SIP-T54S,SIP-T56A,SIP-T58A,SIP-T58V



Telephone services: Added a uniqueness check for time check names

REST API: Extended the REST API for changing queue operator pause status to operate on all queues

Call Center module: Added the boundaries of the custom range to the Call Center CDR




Fixed a bug that prevented complete backups from being restored on multi-tenant systems

Fixed a bug with setting event severity

Telephone services

Fixed a bug with enabling and disabling switches from the numbering plan

Fixed a bug that prevented a paging group from being created

Fixed a bug that under certain conditions caused a misalignment between the effective pause status of an operator and the one displayed

Fixed a bug that prevented MeetMe rooms with no audio file from being edited

Fixed a bug that prevented access to the Whitelist page

Fixed a bug that prevented click-to-call from working once the busy level was reached

Fixed a malfunction in Time Check


Fixed a bug that prevented speed dials from being added in the phonebook

Call Center module

Fixed a bug where every "Apply" reset the queue statistics (and therefore caused the ring strategies to malfunction)

Fixed a bug that sometimes caused older calls to be incorrectly displayed in the supervisor panel


User dashboard: fixed the links to groups and queues


Fixed an error with multi-tenant license activation when gateways with no assigned lines were present

Fixed an error that prevented notifications for non-default tenants from being sent